Auto Reward for Depositor

Auto Reward for Depositor is one of the promotional programs to provide rewards instantly to Term Depositors. Auto Reward Program will last for 03 months, starting from 10 July- till 10 October 2018 or until out of stock.

  Term and Condition :

To receive any reward of Auto Reward program, depositors of new or maintain existing Term Deposit account must be:

  1. Depositors open new or maintain Term Deposit account during the program period from 10 July to 10 October 2018. 
  2. Type of Deposit: Term Deposit   
  3.  The minimum amount of deposit from 10,000 USD or 40,000,000 Riel, or 400,000 Bath up.


  •  KREDIT Staffs and Corporate clients are not applicable. 
  • The client who gets a special interest rate from KREDIT is not applicable.   
  • Clients who close Term Deposit account before the maturity date, the client has to return the reward amount back to KREDIT. 
  •  The client requires signing the rewards agreement with KREDIT.
  • The client requires like, share and check in the KREDIT’s Facebook page.  

 Deposit Range and Prizes rewards list :

Deposit Range


  • 10,000USD to​ < 30,000 USD Or
  • 40,000,000KHR to    < 120,000,000KHR Or
  • 400,000THB to < 1,200,000THB

Rice pot or Fan
(Samsung or Sharp)

  • 30,000USD to < 50,000USD Or
  • 120,000,000KHR to< 200,000,000KHR Or
  • 1,200,000THB to < 2,000,000THB

Blue tooth speaker
(Original USA)

  • 50,000USD to< 100,000USD Or
  • 200,000,000KHR to < 400,000,000KHR Or
  • 2,000,000THB to < 4,000,000THB

TV 32 inch
(Samsung or Sony)

  • 100,000USD to < 150,000USD Or
  • 400,000,000KHR to < 600,000,000KHR Or
  • 4,000,000THB to < 6,000,000THB

Washing Machine
(Samsung or Sharp)

  • 150,000USD to < 200,000USD Or
  • 600,000,000KHR to < 800,000,000KHR Or
  • 6,000,000THB to < 8,000,000THB

(Samsung or Sharp)

  • ≥ 200,000USD Or
  • ≥ 800,000,000KHR Or
  • ≥ 8,000,000THB​

Iphone 7 Plus
(Original Apple)

* Other Terms and Conditions are subject to apply.