With saving account or easy account, clients can start saving with a small amount of only KHR 20,000 or USD5 or THB200 to reach their future plan. It is a kind of account that provides the convenience for both deposit and withdrawal at any working hour for office services or anytime with KREDIT’s ATM and CDM machines. The maximum saving amount that each client can save is 3% of KREDIT’s net worth.

 Interest Rate





Annual Interest Rate





 KREDIT reserves all right to change conditions if needed.
 Based on Cambodian law, clients are required to pay tax on the interest rate earned, 4% for resident and 14% for non-resident.

 Requirement documents for opening account

Individual Client

Corporate Client

  One of the following identity as below:

  • Identity Card (in Accordance with the law of the card validity)
  • Passport (Validation)
  • Family book with photo (Head of Family)
  • Monk ID
  • Or other related equivalent documents.
  • Board of Director Resolution or Authorized Letter for Opening Account
  • Or copy of Article of Association (AOA)/ Business Registration Certificate/ Patent
  • And a copy of legal Identity with initial signature of authorizer 
  The Application forms are required to fill for opening account (Please click below to get application )
  • Individual client information V1 Download 
  • Saving account application V1.3 Download 
  • Create or change of join account information (if any) V1 Download