You want to do your account transactions at any time?
If  Yes, please come to get K CARD from KREDIT  to enjoy those transactions.
To get K card, you only have a simple savings account with KREDIT. There are 2 types of K card: Normal and VIP.

 Specialties of K Card
           Get K Card for free
            No expiry date
            Free monthly fee 
            Access your account at 24/7
            Enjoy special discount by KREDIT’s business partners : Please click here 

 Service of ATM and CDM 
             Cash withdrawal
             Cash withdrawal via code
             Cash deposit with card 
             Cash deposit without card
             Fund transfer
                   Fund transfer to own account
                   Fund transfer to other account
                   Fund transfer to cash
             Balance inquiry
             Mini statement
             PIN change

 CONTACT US :  (855) 23 93 00 00/ 89 98 9818

User guideline of ATM and CDM 
Terms and Conditions for the sue of ATM Card
Card and ATM/CDM Safety Tips

  Transfer to other account via KREDIT's ATM                                          Transfer to own account via KREDIT's ATM
  Cash withdrawal via Code via KREDIT's ATM         Fund Transfer to Cash via KREDIT's ATM