Associations and Networks

Besides the cooperation with development organization partners and lenders, KREDIT is also:

 A member of Cambodia Microfinance
 A member of Social Performance Task Force
A member of Banking With The Poor
A member of Mix Market
An institution who endorsed with Smart Campaign on client protection principle;
An institution who got certification from Transparent Pricing Initiative by MFTransparency Organization
An institution who got 2 times of Merit Award from CGAP on Finance Transparency;
A permanent and active member of Cambodia Child Warfare Group;
A partner of AFD and CMA project to enhance Client Protection Principles;
A partner on "road traffic program" of Cambodia Red Cross;
The only one Cambodian MFI to be invited to endorse with joint statement "Motorcycle passengers, including children, must wear helmets" issued by Asia Injury Prevention Foundation, Coalition for Road Safety, and Handicap International;