Term Deposit Account

Term Deposit Account: is a deposit agreement that has specific deposit amount, term and interest rate are agreed between KREDIT and customers. It is suitable for customer with a surplus of money and desire to gain high returns. You can many different options of terms based on your cash flow situation, starting from 1 up to 36 months. 

 Type of Term Deposit 
1. Term Deposit Account with notice*

*Notice means that depositors need to inform 30 days in advance if they wish to break term before maturity date.
2. Term Deposit Account

* If customers want to withdraw before the mature date, they are required to inform 02 working day in advance.


 Based on Cambodian law, customers are required to pay tax on the interest rate earned, 6% for resident and 14% for non-resident.
 For term deposit account, customers are required to have a saving account for settlement with the term deposit account with the same currency.
 Minimum amount a customer can deposit is KHR400 000 or USD100 or THB 4 000 while maximum up to 3% of total KREDIT’s net worth
 KREDIT reserves all right to change conditions if needed.


    Requirement and document for opening an account

Individual Customer

Corporate Customer

One of the following identity as below:
  • Identity Card (in Accordance with the law of the card validity)
  • Passport (Validation)
  • Family book with photo (Head of Family)
  • Monk ID
  • Or other related equivalent documents.
  • Board of Director Resolution or Authorized Letter for Opening Account
  • Or copy of Article of Association (AOA)/ Business Registration certificate/ Patent
  • And a copy of legal Identity with initial signature of authorizer

  The documents are required to fill in for opening a term deposit account

Individual Customer

Corporate Customer

  • Individual customer information V1.1 Download
  • Saving account application V1.4 Download
  • Term deposit account application V1.5 Download
  • Multi term deposit account application V1.5 Download
  • Create or change of join account information(if any) V1 Download 
  • Corporate customer information V1 Download
  • Saving account application V1.4 Download
  • Specimen signature for corporate account V0 Download
  • Term deposit account application V1.5 Download
  • Multi term deposit account application V1.5 Download

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