Mrs. Sotheary is a Cambodian national who has been involved in the Cambodia microfinance sector since its infancy more than 20 years ago. She has a broad wealth of experience having worked for a number of institutions covering nearly every level of operations including training, human resource, finance and audit and various senior management positions. She also served as a board member for various institutions and as a shareholder representative.

Beside microfinance, Mrs. Sotheary have served as finance manager for Hagar international; country manager for the Ratanak Foundation which is based in Vancouver, Canada.She has done consulting work in Finance, Audit, Development and Microfinance both within Cambodia and internationally for organizations such as World Vision, Child fund, World Relief, PACT, JICA and UNDP. She is also chair of risk committee.

Currently she resides in Yangon, Myanmar where she takes care of her family and does freelance consulting.

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